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High Temperature Materials

Most materials used at Ironwood Plastics are engineering grade materials. Running high temperature engineering grade materials requires special provisions that we handle every day. Most of these materials require mold temperatures exceeding 200F and many are approaching 400F to obtain the proper crystallinity. We accomplish this with the use of hot oil or steam circulating through the mold and braided steel lines. Some of the materials we run that fall into the \"high temp\" category include:

  • (PEI) Ultem
  • (LCP) Vectra
  • (ETFE) Tefzel
  • (PPA) Amodel
  • (PPS) Ryton, Fortron
  • (PES) Raydel
  • (PEEK) RTP, Thermocomp
  • (PSU) Udel
  • Victrex (PEEK)
    • Material: Victrex (PEEK)
    • Mold Style: 2 cavity mold
    • Industry: Fire safety equipment
    • Unique Features: Insert molded PEEK over preheated metal insert
  • Tefzel 210 (ETFE)
    • Material: Tefzel 210 (ETFE)
    • Mold Style: 4 cavity molds or each part
    • Industry: Military
    • Unique Features: Very thin wall components, 700+ deg F barrel temperatures, corrosive material (special plated mold, screw and barrel)>
  • Zenite 6130L (LCP)


    • Material: Zenite 6130L (LCP)
    • Mold Style: 1 cavity expandable mold 1-12 position (5 positiion shown)
    • Industry: Electronics
    • Unique Features: Thin wall molding (.006" on outside walls)
  • RTP 2203HF (PEEK)
    • Material: RTP 2203HF (PEEK)
    • Mold Style: 1 cavity, three-plate mold
    • Industry: Military
    • Unique Features: Part had to be graterd on inside using a three-plate design to avoid a gate blemish on the outside of the part.

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