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Overmolding is a process very similar to insert molding except it involves plastic over plastic instead of plastic over metal. Overmolding involves it\'s own set of issues to obtain the proper shutoffs that plastic (as opposed to metal) presents. Ironwood Plastics has been in the overmolding business for many years and has a great deal of experience in overmolding dissimilar materials. In several cases, thermoplastic rubbers have been overmolded to give \"soft touch\" or other desired mechanical properties.

  • HDPE over Acetal
    • Material: HDPE over Acetal
    • Mold Style: 4 cavity shuttle (1A, 2B sides), 6 cavity horizontal. Both hot runner
    • Industry: Automotive
    • Unique Features: HDPE is blow-molded grade. Several unique processes are utilized to mold this material in an injection environment. Assembly performed by customer.
  • Acetal over HDPE
    • Material: Acetal over HDPE
    • Mold Style: 8 cavity horizontal on both molds - hot runner
    • Industry: Automotive
    • Unique Features: O-Ring automatically installed on HDPE (white part). System is fully automated. Part is helium tested for leakage.
  • Amodel (Thermoplastic Elastomer-TPE) over Celanex (PBT)
    • Material: Amodel (Thermoplastic Elastomer-TPE) over Celanex (PBT)
    • Mold Style: Both 4 cavity, cold runner molds
    • Industry: Automotive
    • Unique Features: Ironwood Plastics performs additional assembly before shipment to customer.

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