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Close Tolerance Molding

Speed, attention to detail, engineering expertise, exotic materials, high temperature molding. Those qualities define close tolerance molding. From parts weighing 0.10 grams to shot sizes up to 29.25oz, Ironwood offers a wide array of capabilities.

  • Amodel A1133L (PPA)
    • Material: Amodel A1133L (PPA)
    • Mold Style: 4 cavity hot runner mold
    • Industry: Automotive
    • Unique Features: Delicate shut-offs
  • Celanese 1503-2 (Glass filled nylon 6/6)
    • Material: Celanese 1503-2 (Glass filled nylon 6/6)
    • Mold Style: 8 cavity production mold
    • Industry: Automotive
    • Unique Features: Delicate shut-offs
  • Nylon 6/10
    • Material: Nylon 6/10
    • Mold Style: 4 cavity, three plate mold
    • Industry: Millitary
    • Unique Features: Tight tolerance timing gear in critical application
  • Valox DR-48 (PBT)
    • Material: Valox DR-48 (PBT)
    • Mold Style: 2 cavity family mold
    • Industry: Electronics
    • Unique Features: Clever design to mate male to female connector
  • Amodel AS4133HS (PPA)
    • Material: Amodel AS4133HS (PPA)
    • Mold Style: Both 1 cavity molds
    • Industry: Automotive
    • Unique Features: Mold manufactured in Asia. Complex tool with multiple telescoping shuttoffs.

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