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Reel-to-Reel Molding

Also known as continuous molding, Ironwood Plastics has been in this business since 1996.

Benefits of reel-to-reel molding:

  1. Finished product is shipped back to the customer on a reel. Parts are oriented for assembly, eliminating the need for bowl feeders.
  2. Because inserts are shipped to IWP on a reel, there is less chance for damaged inserts before molding.
  3. Inserts loaded mechanically- less labor.
  4. Components can also be routed after molding to a stamping die for final bending or singulating operations to produce the final product.
  • Amodel (PPA)
    • Material: Amodel (PPA)
    • Mold Style: 8 cavity, three-plate mold, reel-to-reel
    • Industry: Medical
    • Unique Features: Aftermolding, parts are automatically singulated and the four legs are bent to a final form. Progressive stamping is selective gold plated.
  • Vectra (LCP)
    • Material: Vectra (LCP)
    • Mold Style: 4 cavity, three-plate, reel-to-reel mold
    • Industry: Electronics
    • Unique Features: Metal stip is 0.004" thick! Thin wall molding with slides.
  • Zenite (LCP)
    • Material: Zenite (LCP)
    • Mold Style: 2+2 cavity mold, three-plate, reel-to-reel mold
    • Industry: Electronics
    • Unique Features: Ironwood engineers worked with customer to come up with central strip design, allowing a right and left mating part to be molded every progression. Selective gold plating.
  • PEI (Ultem)
    • Material: PEI (Ultem)
    • Mold Style: 6 cavity three-plate mold
    • Industry: Automotive
    • Unique Features: After molding, parts are sent in-line to a stamping die that performs a final 90 degree bend in the lead frame and singulates the parts.
  • Nylon 4/6, heat stabilized
    • Material: Nylon 4/6, heat stabilized
    • Mold Style: 4 cavity, hot runner
    • Industry: Electronics
    • Unique Features: Delicate metal "finger" create a difficult shut off situation with slides. Fifteen different part numbers are produced on this tool using interchangeable inserts.

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