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Product Inspector Description


What does a Product Inspector do?

There are two main tasks: Checking part quality and operating molding machines.


Ensuring our customers receive product that meets their specifications is essential and is our first priority. We will train you in how to use many different measuring tools. Using them requires a steady hand and attention to detail, but it is easy to learn - we've trained many! All of these surrounding photos show our people doing different quality assurance checks.

img_6102.jpg IMG_4758.JPG  

Operating a molding machine is not difficult to learn, but it does require attention to detail. Doing things incorrectly can cause damage to a customer mold. Basically, the molding machine heats up the plastic material and melts it. It then quickly injects that melted material into a mold. When the plastic has cooled and solidified, the mold opens up and the parts are ejected from the mold. After that, we inspect and package the parts. Sometimes, we first put a metal part in the mold and then start the molding process so that the metal piece is embedded in the plastic - we call that insert molding.

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In addition to the Quality and Operation functions, there are other duties too. You will be asked to pitch in with many different things! Product Inspectors frequently need to prepare their packaging materials, find inventory, print and apply labels, help set-up, changeover, and start molds, and, of course, clean up the work area.

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What is the TRAINING like?

We utilize a combination of classroom and on-the-job training. In the classroom portion, you will be in a small group with your trainer. You will learn about our safety procedures, basic blueprint reading, math, plastics vocabulary, measuring devices and techniques, etc. On the job, you will be brought up slowly with a chance to practice the skills you learned in the classroom.



What are the chances for Advancement?

After you complete the initial training, you practice your skills for awhile and, when you feel comfortable, you ask for your assessment test. At that point, your supervisor enrolls you in our Product Inspector II training program. In that program you learn many advanced skills. In 8-16 months when you complete that program, you receive another $.25 per hour raise. After that, there are many opportunities to add to your skills set: material handling, mold changeover, shipping, quality assurance, mold cleaning, etc. You work with your supervisor to align the areas you are interested in with the needs of the company. It is through this method that over 50% of our managers and technical people learned and climbed the career ladder. We like to think of it as getting paid to go to college!



To obtain the latest employment information, please send e-mail, including your name, the type of position in which you are interested, a telephone number where you may be reached, and the best time to contact you.

Of course, if you possess skills directly related to the plastics injection molding or mold design / build industry, we would like to know of your interest, even if we currently are not listing any openings.

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